BlogChoosing a paint for your home

Choosing a paint for your home

As a professional painter one of the most common things I have to consider is which paint to specify. the paint I choose is dictated by the surface it's going to be used on and in which part of the home. Often when I receive an enquiry wether it be for a quote or some general advice it can relate to a pre existing paint problem. 

One of the most common questions is 'why has the paint on my bathroom ceiling peeled off ?'

This is a very common problem in new homes and some older properties. Generally it's because the previous painter used a cheap paint or a paint which isn't able to tolerate the high levels of humidity from steamy showers. The problem can also be worse in rooms with poor ventilation or extraction. 

Aside from all the preparation to make the surfaces good for painting it's advisable to use a good quality paint. I have, for over a year been using a product from Scandinavia called Tikkurika. They sell a large range of products including one named Luja. This is specified for areas of high humidity such as changing rooms and swimming pool areas. I nearly always specify this product for bathrooms. It's also very durable so can be used in other areas of high traffic. For example I have recently used it in a micro brewery. It is also suitable for use around swimming pools or changing rooms. 

Another common question is ' Are there any durable, cleanable paints for walls ?'

There are many products available in local DIY stores which claim to be durable and some are, to an extent. In fact I've tried most known brands which are available to trade and retail customers. Some are very good, in fact Little Greene make an excellent range of products and I do use their paint on some jobs. They manufacture a matt wall paint which is very easy to clean but it's a costly product. I also use one of the Tikkurika products regularly on walls, it's quite a bit cheaper than Little Greene and more durable. This is especially suited to areas of high traffic such as hallways. Even where there are pets and young children there are products that can cope, which are still low sheen. I sometimes get asked to paint these areas with silk paint as customers think it's more durable. However the silk can look quite institutional and as there are matt paints that can withstand the same level or more of cleaning versus a silk paint it's often preferred to go down the route of matt. 

Generally I use water based paint for most applications. In fact I nearly always advise this. Over the years oil based wood paint has changed and it will turn yellow quite quickly. The water based alternatives are far better, will remain white, are low odour and quick drying. What's not to like ?

So next time you ask your local painter to do some work in your property ask some questions before he or she specifies a paint that may not last as well as you would expect. Usually paying a bit more will mean the maintenance cycle of your home is extended thus saving you money and disruption. 

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